Home / How to setup your Doggie Ramp

Step 1.

Open the box and take out the Doggie Ramp. 

Step 2.

Take the loose support piece and install it in the slots on the front of  base. This pice is for added stability to make sure your ramp never is unstable. You may need to tap this piece in will a small hammer, sometimes this can be a snug fit. 

Step 3.

Now that you support piece is installed you can now use your ramp anywhere in the house. Place the ramp up against any pice of furniture in your home and adjust the legs to the correct height of your furniture. 

Step 4. 

Sit back and relax! You will never have to worry about you dog getting hurt off your furniture again. You may consider buying another ramp for other areas of your home. Ramps are the safest thing you can buy for you dog in your home.