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Step 1. 

  Get your dog used to the ramp by letting him walk on it when its flat. Let the dog sniff it out because it is a new piece of furniture and dogs are curios.      

Step 2.

 Set the ramp to the lowest possible setting and put it up against a chair or couch. You may need to cox your dog with its favorite treat or food to get it to get up onto the ramp.

Step 3.

    Now if you dog does not want to get onto the ramp with treats you may need to use the leash and collar method. You can adjust the ramp at this time to be at the same height of the furniture your working with. Now with the dog on a leash in one hand and a treat in the other walk beside the ramp well holding the treat in front of the dog. Repeat this step many times and your dog will most likely start using the ramp after the 1st couple training sessions.     

Step 4. 

 Persistence is key with training some dogs for the ramp.   You might have to use the treat and leash method many times. Or you can pick the dog up and call him down the ramp. We have seen here at Doggieramps.com that its way easier for dogs to take the 1st steps on their ramp when going down off the furniture.  We can assure you that training your dog to use a ramp is way worth it in the end for you and the dog.