At Doggie Ramps we love our dogs and we know you love yours, too! We are obsessed with our dog’s wagging tails, the loving way in which they look at us and with doggy kisses. That is why we want to be proactive in protecting our fur babies by teaching them to use a dog ramp. Many pet parents want to share their beds and their couches with their dogs. What is a pet parent to do when their senior dog or dog suffering mobility issues can no longer safely get onto or off of the bed or couch? In the past, the pet parent needed to lift their dog on and off the bed – that is, if the dog was patient enough to not try and jump on or off on his own!

 To address pet parent concerns, we created Doggie Ramps.

Why did we create Doggie Ramps?

We wanted to offer pet parents a way to protect their dogs and help pet parents whose dogs are suffering hip, back or knee troubles or are dealing with arthritis. Senior dogs who may not currently have health or mobility issues will benefit from having a dog ramp to make it easier for them to get to their favorite spaces to be with you. Being proactive is better than waiting for your dog to suffer an injury. A dog ramp improves your fur-baby’s mobility and lets them safely move from one level of your home to another (from the floor to the bed or furniture, for example)


 How can a Doggie Ramp benefit your dog?

Teaching a puppy to use a Doggie Ramp promotes good spine, back and knee health. Did you know, “close to 60% of all dogs who have undergone spine surgery will re-injure themselves?” That is a startling statistic, but many dogs initially injure themselves when they jump off the bed, your furniture or into and out of the car. What if you could prevent your dog from ever having to undergo surgery? It might be possible if your dog knows how to use a Doggie Ramp.

If you share your life with a Corgi or a Dachshund you know your dog may eventually suffer back or spine issues. Protect them when they’re young. Teach them to use a Doggie Ramp